Electrical equipment tester C.A 6155


Product: Electrical equipment tester
Model: C.A 6155
Nhà sản xuất: Chauvin Arnoux
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Chi tiết

The multi-function C.A 6155 can be used for all the measurements required to test the electrical safety of portable electrical equipment, machines and switchgear.

It provides a wide range of fully-compliant measurements:

- Measurements in compliance with the IEC 60204 Ed.5 / VDE701/702 / IEC 61439 (IEC 60439) standards

- 200 mA and 10 A continuity measurements

- Insulation resistance at 250 VDC and 500 VDC

- Dielectric test at 1,000 V / 1,890 V / 2,500 V

- Leakage current measurement by substitution method

- Differential leakage current

- Contact leakage current

- Mains power-lead polarity test

- Functional test with consumption measurement

- TRMS leakage and load current measurements (current clamp available as option)

- RCD test (including portable RCDs)

- Loop impedance and line impedance measurement with calculation of short-circuit currents

- Discharge time

- Phase rotation

- Voltage / frequency measurements

- Functional and visual inspections.