Earth Resistance Meters MTD 20KWe


Product: Earth Resistance Meters
Model: MTD 20KWe
Manufacturer: SCOPE


The MTD 20KWe earth is a digital and automatic Earth Resistance Tester, that allows to measure Earth Resistance (three pole) and Ground Resistivity by the Wenner�s (four pole) method.


  • Built in Voltmeter for measurement of earth resistances of lightning conductors, pylons, substations, primary cabins, industrial and home installations.
  • Measurement of grounding resistances (with 3 terminals), soil resistivity (with 4 terminals) and spurious voltages present in the soil.
  • Equipment injects an electronically stabilized current in the soil and measures with high precision the voltage developed in the soil by means fo that current flowing through grounding diffusion resistance.
  • Equipment operates as a CA conventional voltmeter, making it possible to check the presence and to measure voltages generated by parasitic currents.
  • A sharp and intermittent audible signal indicates the abnormalities in the circuit.


Measurement Ranges Resistances: 0-20, 0-200, 0-2000 and 0-20kΩ, Voltages: 0-200V
Accuracy Resistance Measurements: ±(2% of the measured value +1% of the maximum value of the selected range), Voltage Measurement: ±(2% of the measurement value +1% of end scale value)
Reading Resolutions 0.01Ω in the resistance measurement, 0.1V in the voltage measurement
Output Current The output power is less than 0.5W and the output current is limited to less than 15mA (Peak to Peak)
Immunity to Spurious Voltage Interference -
Earth Resistance of Auxillary Rods -
Battery Status checking It makes it possible to verify the battery charge status under normal use conditions
Serial Data Output -
Built-in Printer -
Power Supply By means of an internal rechargeable battery from a 12V external battery
Battery Charger A smart, microprocessor controlled charger provided
Safety Class -
Electrostatic Immunity -
Electro Magnetic Irradiation Immunity -
Environmental Protection -
Altitude Maximum -
Operation Temperature -10�C to 50�C
Storage Temperature -25�C to 65�C
Humidity 95% RH (without condensation)
Dimension 221 x 189 x 99 mm
Weight Aprox. 2.3Kg (without accessories)