Contact Resistance Meter CRM 200

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Product: Contact Resistance Meter
Model: CRM 200
Manufacturer: SCOPE
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  • Specially designed to reliably measure contact resistance of various Test Objects - Circuit Breakers, Isolators, Busbar joints, Welded joints etc., under the hostile electrostatic noise found in live EHV switch yards, ensuring operator's safety and repeatability of results.
  • Quick & simple tool to assess heat dissipation inside CB interrupter without opening it.
  • Measures the mili-volt drop in presence of high induced charge environment of kilo-volts
  • Use of innovative technology makes it lightest 200 Amps micro-ohm meter available.
  • Mains operated.


  • A radically new design makes CRM the lightest available 200A contact resistance meter.
  • Direct display of micro-ohm value with out need of manual calculations
  • Fool-proof connections and repeatability are ensured by specially designed proprietary biting type CK clamps.
  • Supplied with rugged calibrated test lead set suitable for 4 wire measurement.
  • No need to compensate lead resistance as Kelvin's Four wire measurement method is used.
  • Easy to use - single key operation.
  • Housed in rugged case enhancing transport worthiness.


Current (DC) 200A
Resistance Range 199.9µΩ, 1999µΩ & 19.99mâ?¦
Best Resolution 0.1µΩ, 1µΩ & 0.01mâ?¦
Accuracy Value ± 1% ± 1 Digit
Display Two Nos, 3½ Digit, ½ Inch LCD for Resistance & Current Display
Power Supply 230V AC ± 15%, 50Hz ± 10%, 1Phase
Inbuilt Battery -
Dimension 435 X 350 x 160mm
Instrument Weight 8kg