Watt meter & power meter PX 110


Product: Watt meter & power meter
Model: PX 110
Manufacturer: Chauvin Arnoux

The PX 110 is designed for use in general or technical secondary schools and by installers and industrial maintenance departments.

The PX 110 is for single-phase networks. Although it offers complex functions, this TRMS powermeter is very simple to operate. It has INRUSH functions for loads which draw large amounts of current and a SMOOTH function, extremely useful in unstable measurement conditions.

It is extremely readable: 14mm digits, 999-count display capacity (4 digits) on three lines, simultaneous display of three values: voltage, current and active power or active, reactive and apparent power.

A special feature of this new wattmeter is its infrared transmission mode. The link is established using a magnetised optical head simply positioned on the front panel of the unit.

"Wattcom" data processing software is available as an option for data transfer, display of the quantities and screen printouts.