Máy phân tích công suất và điện năng C.A 8230


Product: Máy phân tích công suất và điện năng
Model: C.A 8230
Nhà sản xuất: Chauvin Arnoux
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Data sheet

Chi tiết

The C.A 8230 single-phase or balanced three-phase power analyser is economical and extremely easy to use. Equipped with direct access to its various functions, it provides greater safety as it automatically recognises the type of connected sensor. It is ideal for on-site or bench-top use.

It provides you with all the power measurements you need. It will enable you to measure and qualify your electrical network harmonics. An Inrush mode for starter currents will show your waveform in detail during several seconds. Like the Qualistar, the C.A 8230 has a recording mode and a trigger mode for alarms.

The Dataviewer software expands its possibilities for configuration, data transfer and processing on a PC.

  • Voltage range: 6VRMS to 600VRMS AC+DC
  • AC current range: 5mA to 6,500A
  • DC current range: 1A to 1,700A
  • Values: Min., Max., Avg., Peak (+/-), CF
  • Power: W, VA, var, DF, THD, cos φ, tan φ
  • Energy: Wh, VAh, varh
  • Harmonics: up to the 50th order
  • IEC1010/EN61010: Cat.III-600V


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