High Voltage/Current Testing KEP- АI 50


Product: High Voltage/Current Testing
Model: KEP- АI 50
Manufacturer: Kharkovenergopribor

Insulation testing unit AI-50 designed for insulation testing of protective equipment (insulation rods), electric tools, as well as high voltage insulators variable-frequency, adjustable from 0 - 50 kV, with measurement of the leakage current.

Technical Specifications

Parameter Value
Supply voltage single-phase alternating current, V 220 ± 22
Frequency, Hz 50 ± 2
Highest power consumption, kW, max 1
Number of high voltage sources 1
Highest output voltage, kV 50
Range of AC voltage, kV 1-50
Reduced error of voltage measuremen, %, max 3
Highest output current, mA 10
Maximum measured current, mA 9,99
Area occupied by the device (recommended, no less), m2 2x2
Dimensions control unit L × W × H, mm 390×320×200
Dimensions high voltage unit L × W × H, mm 310×400×560
Total net weight of the device, kg, max 100
Lifespan, years, avg 10

Operating Conditions

The device is designed for an indoors operation under the following conditions:

Condition Value
Air temperature, °С from 0 to +40
Relative humidity, %, up to 80 at +25 °С
Atmospheric pressure, kPa (mm hg) 84,0 – 106,7 (630 – 800)

The device is operated by a single member of staff, who have the permission to work with the installations with voltages of 1000 V and over. The operator should have at least 3rd level of appropriate Safety Regulations for working with installations with voltages of 1000 V and over.

Package Contents

Name Quantity
Сontrol unit 1
High voltage unit BVI-50 with cable connection (complete) 1
Power cable (1.8 m) 1
Cable with a lantern and trailer 1
High voltage cable (4 m) 1
Grounding cable (4 m) 2
Fuse (250 V, 5 A) 2
Manual 1
Metrological certification GP "Harkovstandartmetrologiya" Optional


The Manufacturer guarantees the AI-50 conformity with the current technical documentation and the relevant Electrical and Safety codes and standards.

Limited Warranty period is 12 months from date of shipment of the apparatus to the consumer.