Transformer Turns Ratio Meter TTRM302


Product: Transformer Turns Ratio Meter
Model: TTRM302
Manufacturer: SCOPE
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SCOPE introduces state of the art precision three phase Transformer Turns Ratio Meter (TTRM ) designed for fi eld testing as well as factory testing of power transformers, instrument transformers and distribution transformers of all types. Along with turns ratio, this light weight and reliable instrument measures ratio deviation, phase angle deviation, magnetizing current and detects tap-position of single as well as three phase transformers in charged switchyard condition.  The instrument has facility to automatically detect vector group of all majority confi gurations available. The diff erant AC voltage selection off ers high accuracy in measurement...

Special Features

• Different voltage ranges provided for more accurate results

• 5.7” TFT display with touch screen and simple menus to operate TTRM.

• Facility to confi gure transformer ID and details

• Automatic OLTC operation for tap change

• Date and time stamping to results. • In-build memory to store the test results.

• Thermal printer to take quick print out for record.

• Ethernet port for PC interface to transfer records to PC Software.

• Mass storage device (USB 2.0) interface for copying records in pen drive.

• Lightweight , portable instrument household in rugged moulded case