Máy thử nghiệm máy cắt (CB) SCOT MXP


Product: Máy thử nghiệm máy cắt (CB)
Nhà sản xuất: SCOPE
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  • Millennium version of SCOT Series of Time Interval Meter. Compact and reliable instrument to measure operation times of all types of HV and EHV circuit breakers under charged switchyard conditions.
  • Single instrument can test all types of CBs - LV, HV & EHV.
  • Exclusive instrument to measure PIR timings.
  • Designed to work reliably under live EHV switchyard conditions ensuring operator's safety and repeatability of results.
  • Lightweight, housed in rugged case enhancing transport worthiness.
  • Authentic data management through onboard memory, PC connectivity & downloading software.
  • Inbuilt real time clock (RTC).
  • Inbuilt printer for printing results.


  • CB operated through instrument facilitating accurate measurement.
  • Comparison possible with Manufacturer's test result by measuring C, O & C-O timings directly in milli-seconds.
  • Saves down time, indicates pole discrepancy as it measures the timing of 3 poles simultaneously.
  • Assessment of break to break discrepancy - Measurement of individual break timings. 
  • Assessment of settings of PIR times - Measurement of PIR closing timings.
  • Easy to use - self guided operation through interactive menu and keyboard.
  • Inbuilt clock to tag date and time of test to the readings.
  • 4 line 20 character backlit LCD display for menu and results.
  • Inbuilt memory to hold results of last 50 tests.
  • Tamperproof test results through Inbuilt Thermal Printer.
  • Smart Self-diagnostics and calibration date tracking facility.
  • Supplied with test lead set having quick-fit connectors, suitable for EHV CBs.


No of Channels Eight
Trigger Options C, O, C-O
Operation Modes Seven
Time Range 0 - 999ms
Resolution 1ms
Accuracy Value ± 0.05% ± 1 Digit
Display 4 line 20 character backlit LCD display
Inbuilt Printer Yes
Memory 50 test results
PC Connectivity USB port
Power Supply 230V AC ± 15%, 50Hz ± 10%, 1 Phase
Dimension 430 x 345x160mm
Instrument Weight 6kg

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