Circuit Breaker Testing HISAC Swift



Product: Circuit Breaker Testing
Model: HISAC Swift
Manufacturer: SCOPE
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  • Universal CBOA to test all types of CBs - LV & HV
  • Quick performance check of CB by measuring C, O, C-O, O-C & O-C-O timings 
  • Saves down time & number of operations of CB by testing all the critical performance parameters of all the poles / breaks in a single shot
  • Healthiness of Auxiliary contact by measurement of Auxiliary contacts timings
  • Healthiness of Close / Trip coils of all three poles monitored simultaneously
  • On-board memory
  • Test results downloaded directly to PC/Laptop
  • PC downloading, analysis & data manager software
  • Contact Resistance of main contacts
  • Shift maintenance schedule form Time based to Condition based 
  • Designed to work reliably under live HV switchyard conditions ensuring operator's safety and repeatability of results


Trigger Options O, C, C-O, O-C, O-C-O
Timing Channel 6 : 1 main + 1 PIR per pole, 3 poles Simultaneously
Auxiliary Contact Timing Channel 2 : Dry / Wet - Selectable
Best Time Resolution 50µS
Coil Current Channel 1 : Trip & Close coil current
Maximum Sampling Speed 20 kC
Contact Resistance Multiplexed 3 channels, 10A Max Up to 2â?¦, autoranging. Best resolution 0.1µâ?¦
Operation 320 x 240 pixel (117 x 88mm) colour touch screen
Memory Up to 75 test results
PC Connectivity USB
Analysis & Data Manager Software Windows based CPLOT Software
Printer Inbuilt 56mm Thermal Printer
Dimensions 435 x 315 x 175 mm
Instrument Weight 10 kg