Building Dianostics FLIRT400 bx-Series


Product: Building Dianostics
Model: FLIRT400 bx-Series
Manufacturer: FLIR

FLIR T420bx & T440bx

High performance infrared camera with on-board visual camera, touch screen, Wi-Fi connectivity, & interchangeable lens, plus MSX® image enhancement & auto orientation

Get maximum flexibility and efficiency out of 320 x 240 thermal imaging from our new T400bx line.

Superior thermal imaging – Sharp thermal resolution at 76,800 pixels for solid accuracy from farther away.

MSX® enhancement – Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging adds visible spectrum definition to IR images in real time for excellent thermal detail to help you instantly recognize the problem locations.

Advanced Optics – The widest array of lens options to fit the view and spot size you need for your application.

Compass – Adds camera pointing direction to every image for additional location documentation.

Wi-Fi Connectivity – Send images and data to smart phones and tablets (ie. iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch®, or Android™) to share images and critical information quickly using FLIR Tools Mobile app.

Accurate temperature measurements – Accuracy calibrated within +/– 2°C or +/– 2% of reading.

Temperature range – measuring up to 650°C  (1202°F) targeting insulation, HVAC, and building applications (T440bx model).

Scalable P-i-P – Overlay thermal images onto visible light photos as an alternative reference.

Humidity, dew Point, & insulation alarms – Alerts user when it detects moisture intrusion and insulation issues.

METERLiNK® – Wirelessly transmit vital diagnostic data from clamp and moisture meters directly to the camera for annotating thermal images to further support findings.

Annotation – Add voice comments via Bluetooth headset and text notes from the touchscreen keypad; New! T440bx has image sketch feature to add circles and pointers on IR/visual stored images.

Auto orientation – Automatically orients onscreen temperature measurement data whether in portrait or landscape view.

Includes – SD Memory card, 100-260V AC adaptor/charger, two Li-Ion rechargeable batteries, 2-bay battery charger, power supply (with multi-plugs), FLIR Tools software, USB cable, video cable, sun shield, Bluetooth® headset, lens cap, neckstrap, and hard case.