Camera dò nhiệt FLIR K-series


Product: Camera dò nhiệt
Model: FLIR K-series
Nhà sản xuất: FLIR
Chi tiết

Camera specific

  K40 K50
Imaging and optical data
IR resolution 240 x 180 pixels 320 × 240 pixels
Thermal sensitivity 40mK 30 mK


Imaging and optical data
Field of view (FOV) / Minimum focus distance 51° × 38° / fixed focus
Image frequency 60 Hz
Focus Fixed
Zoom 2x, digital zoom
Focal Plane Array (FPA) / Spectral range Uncooled microbolometer / 7.5–13 µm
Start-up time < 17 sec. (IR-image, no GUI)
Image presentation
Display 4” LCD, 320 × 240 pixels, backlit
Image mode IR image
Auto-range Yes, mode dependent
Object temperature range –20 °C to +150 °C
0 °C to +650 °C
Accuracy ±4°C or ±4% of reading for ambient temperature 10°C to 35°C
Measurement analysis
Spotmeter 1
Isotherm Yes, According to NFPA and mode dependent
Color palettes Multiple palettes, mode dependent
Regional adjustments Units, date and time formats
Data communication interfaces
Interfaces USB-mini
USB USB Mini-B: Data transfer to and from PC / uncompressed colorized video
Power system
Battery Li Ion, 4 hours operating time
Charging system 2-bay charger, truck charger available
Charging time 2 h to 85% capacity, charging status indicated by LED’s
Charging temperature 0 °C to +45 °C
Power management Automatic shutdown and sleep mode
Environmental data
Designed to meet NFPA 1801 specification: Vibration, impact acceleration resistance, corrosion, viewing surface abrasion, heat resistance, heat and flame, product label durability.
Operating temperature range –20 °C to +85 °C / +260 °C during 5 min.
Storage temperature range –40 °C to +85 °C
Encapsulation IP 67 (IEC 60529)
Bump 25 g (IEC 60068-2-29)
Drop 2.0 m, on concrete floor (IEC 60068-2-31)
Physical data
Camera weight, incl. battery <1,1 kg
Camera size (L × W × H)  
Tripod mounting UNC ¼”-20
Packaging, contents Hard transport case, thermal imaging camera, FLIR Tools software (scratchcard), power supply, incl. multi-plugs, battery (2x), battery charger, USB cable, retractable lanyard, strap lanyard, neck strap, tripod adapter, documentation


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