Thermographic Camera C.A 1950


Product: Thermographic Camera
Model: C.A 1950
Manufacturer: Chauvin Arnoux
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Designed and developed for simplified use, it is ideal for all applications in the building,electrical maintenance and mechanical maintenancesector:

  • Thermal audits
  • Fault detection: thermal bridges, infiltrations, presence of humidity
  • Electrical maintenance: detection of faulty contacts, unbalance, etc.
  • Mechanical maintenance: detection of wear points, motor overheating, lubrication problems, etc.

It has been specially designed for simplified use

  • Comfortable grip with direct access to the functions with just one hand
  • The C.A 1950 is perfectly balanced so that it does not move even when stood on a benchtop.
  • The display uses a wide 2.8-inch screen with automatic brightness adjustment.
  • The field of view (20°x20°) is equipped with a focus-free function which ensures that the image remains sharp whatever the distance.
  • Contextual help guides users to limit the risk of error.
  • The C.A 1950 can be used to record voice comments directly on the image.
  • The flap protecting the lens is built into the instrument, so it does not get in the way and cannot be lost

The C.A 1950 is a communicating camera which can recover the necessary measurements (current, etc.) from current clamps and multimeters via Bluetooth.

Advantages of the C.A 1950:

Exceptional 13-hour battery life
Quick startup in under 3 seconds
an emissivity table which can be enhanced as required
the possibility of renaming the images and thermograms by site
recording and storage of the configurations according to the different applications (building, electrical cabinet, etc.)
vocal annotations to record your comments directly on the image
connection to current clamps and multimeters: all the necessary measurements simultaneously