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Solar Power Installation Analyser FTV100


Product: Solar Power Installation Analyser
Model: FTV100
Manufacturer: Chauvin Arnoux
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The FTV100 can be used to measure and display all the physical and electrical parameters of solar power installations simultaneously while also storing them

This highly-effective instrument can perform all the measurements needed to calculate the efficiency of the solar power installation:

  • Electrical power survey
  • Calculation of solar panel efficiency
  • Calculation of inverter efficiency

Technical specifications

  •  Voltage up to 1,000 VDC / 600 VAC
  • Current up to 1,400 ADC / 3,000 AAC
  • AC/DC power: 20,000 WDC / 1,200 kWAC
  • Data recorder: up to 10 instrument configurations can be prerecorded in the memory
  • IEC 61010 600 V CAT IV – 1,000 V CAT III
  • IP67 closed / IP54 open