This conference marks India begin to improve the traditional power grid to the smart power grids. Hundreds of professionals from more than 11 countries come to participate in the conference. The theme is closely about the smart grid from specific technical solutions to the overall strategic layout. The product engineer Mr. XU Meng Long   from PONOVO delivers an important presentation and introduces the newest product PNS601Handheld Digital Signal Analyzer. It provides a complete solution specializing for smart grid measurement and maintenance.

PNS601 is completely new smart grid analyzer owning good visualization, overall measurement function and portability. It has the following features:

1.2.1 Message Probe

It can automatically probe sampling values (IEC61850-9-1, IEC61850-9-2/LE, and IEC60044-8) and GOOSE message.

1.2.2 Sampling Analysis

1.2.3 GOOSE Analysis

1. GOOSE probe: automatically probe GOOSE information from different MAC address and analyze different GOOSE control modules. Military forces have not moved and the forage has started already. The promotion of the new equipment provides a new measurement and maintenance solution in advance.The product has made a strong popularity on the first appearance. Many power companies are trying to know more about the product. It gains much on CPRI conference.