Who Are We?


Pacific Technology and Equipment Co., Ltd was established on 25/05/2007 and specialized in supplying:

- Solutions of testing and measuring equipments, analyzing and predict for electrical systems.
- Tools and equipments for industrial or electrical maintenance and construction.
- Service provider, technologies of infrared thermal imaging devices and applications for industries, power utilities, contractors, oil and gas...
- Repair and fixing service as well as warranty care, leasing specific test equipments and other electronic devices.
- Training and support services, providing specialized technical courses for the unit demand.

- Providing electrical and automation devices and materials for projects, factories and contractors.


Clients of our company includes most of the power company, power plants, industrial factories, oil and gas, construction companies, buildings, contractors, trading partners,...

Some typical manufacturers:

1. Protection Relay Test (3 phase, 1 phase), CT & PT Test, Intelligent Relay Test Kit, Primary Injection Test, DC Converting Station Test

Reference: - Ponovo/ China

2. Thermal Imaging Camera

Reference: - Chauvin Arnoux/ France

       - Testo/ Germany

3. Hand-held Tester & Multimeter, Power Quality Analyzer, Energy and Harmonics Logger, Electrical & Safety Test

Reference: - Chauvin Arnoux/ France

4. Bearing Heater of BEGA


5. Hand tool, Hydraulic Cutter Heads, Hydraulic Crimpers, Hydraulic Pump, Busbar Cutter & Bender of Kudos

 Reference: - Kudos/ Taiwan

6. Transformer vacuum oil purifier.

Reference: - Globecore/ Ukraine

7. Circuit Breaker Testing, Windings Resistance Meter, Microohmeter, LA leakage current Online System...


8. High Voltage/ Primary Current Testing

Reference: - KEP/ Ukraine

9. Tools, Devices, Sensors for automation and industries.

Reference: - Dwyer/ USA

And others…


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